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Hello my lovely people out there!!!?

This post is for all the people with oily skin. If you are familiar with my posts you must be knowing that I have an oily to combination skin and controlling the oil secretion is a great task *do you agree with me?* If proper care is not taken then you may face many issues. The most common problem for we oily skin people is break outs. Yes, the excess sebum production leads to accumulation of dirt into the pores which in turn leads to pimples and acne. So you must choose the right skincare products which would help in controlling the oil secretion. The very first and the most important step to control excess oil secretion is washing your face with the right oil control product. Let me introduce you to oil control facial foam from Inatur.


 Why facial foam?

Most of the face wash which is used for controlling the excess oil are highly foaming in nature because the foams help in removing the dirt and oil. So this product Inatur facial foam is directly in the foam form. Facial foams are gentle to acne prone skin when compared to face wash.

Ideal for: Oily to combination skin

Availability: Available on their own website Inatur. You can also find it on Flipkart, Nykaa.



Directions to use


Used Herbs

Basil- detoxifies the skin, improves the skin tone, antiinflammatory & prevents blackheads

Clove oil- that prevents acne 

Neem- that has anti-bacterial properties, helps in controlling pimples & acne and their recurrence.tre

Tea tree- Regulates sebum

Turmeric- Improve Complexion

Vitamin E Acetate- Anti-oxidant

About Inatur

Inatur was founded by Pooja Nagadev, a renowned cosmetologist. Inatur creates skin friendly natural products. They also have a range of hair care and personal care products that are completely safe on skin. Inatur owns some highly endorsed certifications like GMP, ISO and HALAL. So with these certifications you can trust the brand very well. I was personally impressed with HALAL certification because I am very particular in using halal products. And when brand holds such certifications, it adds a sense of value and reliance on them. Get to know about the brand in detail HERE

My experience with Inatur Oil control Facial foam

I have been using this Inatur facial foam for more than ten days now and I think it is more than enough for penning down my review on it. This product was sent to me from Inatur and my review on it is going to be completely real and genuine. I am glad that I received the right product. I really needed it at this point of time. As I have complained in my earlier skincare posts that my skin around nose area have been breaking out and I was panicking about it a lot. When I opened the parcel, I was very happy to see this inside because the facial foams are very mild and they are meant for acne prone skin. So this was a right product at the right time for me.


Few things attracted me the next second I read the bottle was the properties of the five herbs used, sulphate free, P.H balance, 100%soap free. Ain’t they impressive?? It is very important to use a pH balanced face products because that will not cause dryness or any irritation to the skin.

Now coming to the packaging, Inatur facial foam comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a green color pump dispenser and a transparent white colored cap. You can find all the details printed on the label of the bottle. The packaging is sturdy, safe and travel-friendly. You can see the green liquid inside the container but once to pump out the product you will get the foam in your hands.

Inatur oil control facial foam review, khadija beauty

I use one and a half to two pumps for cleansing my face. When massaged mildly over the face, the facial foam turns into creamy and soft foam and you can wash it immediately or leave for 30 seconds and then wash. When you leave the foam on you face, eventually the foam dies off and after washing, the face feels soft. For the first two days my skin started to feel dry after using this but then later I realized it is not the facial foam making my skin dry but it is the winter climate which is causing it? So the texture of this facial foam is smooth and it works as it claims. Inatur’s facial foam really did work for my oily skin.


Sometimes after massaging the foam on my T-zone, I leave the foam for 30 seconds to get penetrated into my pores and cleanse it. Since I leave for a longer time and then rinse my face, my skin feels very refreshed. Neem, basil and tea tree gives a cooling effect and revives my face very well. But do not leave the facial foam for more than 30-35 seconds else you may feel like it is drying out your face.

The facial foam has a strong herbal smell because of the five precious herbs present in them. For the first time it may smell odd but then I guess you will get used to it( because I got used to it?) The facial foam have soothed my acne prone area and I am enjoying it. As it is vegan, pH balanced and 100% soap free you can use it without. It has been working effectively on my skin and has done justice to its claims.

It removes the excess oil the moment you wash it off and also doesn’t makes the skin too oily after few hours. Which means it does control the oil secretion. So to all the guy and girls, men and women who have oily and combination skin this is the effective product you must try. Inatur’s facial foam is good for pimple and acne prone skin also as it prevents the occurrence of pimples.

Amazing things about Inatur Oil control Facial foam

Sulphate free

100% soap free


Not tested on animals

Gentle and effective

Soothes the skin and gives a fresh feeling

Contains 5 precious herbs

pH balanced

Removes excess oil, dirt

Opens clogged pores

Travel-friendly packaging


No cons so far. Use it once and you will agree with me. Ohhh yeah the strong herbal smell can be a con for few( not for me)

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