Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

By Rahul Gupta June 10, 2019 0 comments

Hey everyone!
Since my blog is all about natural beauty products, I think it’s time to introduce some newbies!
Dun Dunn Dunnnn

May I present to you, Inatur Herbals!

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!


Okay, so, first of all, I think it’s time that we start using 100% natural products. It would help us and the earth. And from what I’ve heard, neither of us are doing so well.

So, yeah, I received a box of goodies from the company and they sent me:
•Kumkumadi Facial oil
•Coffee and brown sugar scrub
And a couple of shampoo samples

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

They sent me a HUGE list, and by list I mean a five page summary, of all the things that went into these products so, if you want to check the authenticity of these being natural, then shoot me an email or simply comment below!

I’m going to write what I felt about the same in detail one by one, so if you wanna read about any specific product, just skip to it directly:

Inatur Coffee & Brown sugar Face and Body scrub :

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

This scrub comes in a plastic jar. When I heard that it had coffee in it I was amused, I thought the smell of coffee would be really overpowering but it turns out the scrub smells more like cinnamon.

When I tried it out for the first time, I thought it was terrible. I never thought it would work for me. It was too sticky and greasy and most of all, I couldn’t RINSE it off. Things like this really tick me off.
But a few days later, I decided to give it a try. I used this on my shaved legs and OH BOY. THIS IS AMAZING.

My legs are super soft and smooth. I think the reason it didn’t work on my face was because of the microcrystalline wax. I do not like the consistency of this product.
I recommend using this after waxing/shaving and on DRY skin. Using this on your oily face will just make the situation worse by blocking the pores of your skin. So, I recommend massaging this on your body to make it feel softer, followed by a nice, foamy shower gel to remove the excess oil.
Oh and also, it can be used for slimming also!

Sammy’s Rating: 8/10

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

Kumkumadi Tailam :
I think it’s some kind of saffron and orange oil, and this might be my favorite thing of them all.

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

This pop costs about 800Rs. For 12 ml. It’s not cheap but it works really well if you have pimples and acne. It makes my face super smooth, and improves skin texture.
The consistency is ,obviously, like oil. And it smells like candies and oranges.

The sweet fragrance is amazing, by the way. Not too overpowering. It doesn’t feel too sticky or oily. It adds the right amount of glow.
And YES, it soothes and helps dry skin as well, perfect for the winters and otherwise, if you have dry skin. 
I like to experiment with different serums and facial oils, so, I used this on my upper lip and it instantly soothed the red bumps. I give this a big thumbs up.

Sammy’s Rating: 10/10!

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

Manoi Shampoo samples

Inatur Haul: Shampoo, scrub and serum!

Manoi Oil Shampoo is amazing. It smells amazing and conditions as well as adds shine to your hair. One sample was enough for one wash. But I would prefer having a tube/jar/bottle rather than these pouches. They cause a lot of inconvenience.
Otherwise, it’s something I would love to try again

Sammy’s rating: 9/10

Overall, I’d like to say, Go ahead and try them, you’d be amused to see the results.
Now, let’s get to the most important question:

Will I repurchase this?
Absolutely! I’d like to try other products as well.
So that’s it.

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