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Privacy Policy

Inatur incorporates highest standards to protect and safeguard the privacy and personal information of visitors to our side. We are committed to secure transactions and responsible handling of information collected during a visitors’ interaction with our site and it’s features.

Our Privacy Policy describes the following aspects on how information is collected, stored, used and how our visitors might benefit from this policy. Your usage of this website is deemed to be your acceptance to our privacy policy. If you do not agree, we request you to not use this site or any of it’s features.

Personal Identification Information

Inatur Herbals restricts itself to collecting of basic information that may help us in understanding and serving your needs better. This may be essential for completing a purchase and ensuring delivery. This information may include; your name, address, phone number, date of birth, email id, details of the items requested or purchased, language preference, the IP address, operating systemand the browser of your computer.

The information collected is not available to any third party on distribution, exchange, sale or lease basis.

Credit Card, Debit Card and Banking Information

Inatur Herbals does not collect or store Credit Card or Debit Card or any banking information. These are directly transmitted through the payment gateway provider to the payment network or bank.

Membership and Registration

You may have to register and create an account to register as a member to avail ceratin privileges and personalized service. The online registration may require you to provide information such as your name, email address, and a password.

It is your responsibility to protect your chosen password. We request you to not share your password with anyone. If your password has been compromised for any reason, immediately change it.

Cookies and Beacons

We may use "cookies" on certain pages of the website to help analyze the web page flow, evaluate promotional effectiveness and our services. Some of the featureson this site may only be available through the use of a "cookie". We may use cookies to allow you to enter your password less frequently during a session. Cookies can also help us provide you with information of relevance to you. Most cookies are "session cookies," and are deleted from your hard drive at the end of a session. You can decline our cookies through your browser settings. In case you opt to decline cookies you may not be able to use certain features on the website and you may have to reenter your password frequently.

Beacons are used in combination with Cookies and may beinvisible to the user. Web Beacons may relay information our designated service providers or may be used to analyse customer response to our advertising, offers and promotions and to improve customer support. Rejection of Cookies will prevent Web Beacons from relaying certain information and limit your use of some of our website features.

Use Personal Information, Demographic And Profile Data

The prime use of the data collected is to offer you selected products and services. We offer our users the right to opt out of receiving any marketing communication. Personal information is also applied in resolution of disputes; solving problems; collection of payment; evaluate consumer feedback of our products and services, inform aboutour offers, product and service features, and updates; offer personalised experience; safety against error, fraud and other criminal activities; implement terms and conditions.

It is our endeavor to continually improve our product and service offerings.Demographic and profile informationhelp us understand visitor interaction and preferences.

IP address helpsidentify problems with our server, and to manage our website. IP address is also used to identify the visitor and demographics.

We may conduct optional online surveys. These surveys may collect contact and demographic information. These help us weigh and improve visitor experience on our site, by displaying and providing content of relevance.

Benefits of The Personal Information


If you opt to receive information through emails such as newsletters, surveys or other communication about product and services, offers,expert tips and suggestions, we will be sending this the email address provided by you. You may also opt to 'Unsubscribe' or edit your contact information and consent to receive email and other communication.

Text Messages

If opt to receive text message/SMS about products and services information, offers,expert tips and suggestions on your mobile phone. Your mobile service provider may apply charges to you for sending and/or receiving text messages and air-time, or any other applicable charges.

Telephone Calls

If you have provided mobile phone or landline number on our website, you may receive phone calls containing products and services information, offers,expert tips and suggestions your mobile phone or landline phone.

The intent of the above mentioned communication is to serve you better and offer better products and services.

Customised Service

You personal information, profile and demographic data helps us in offering you customized and personalized experience and services on our site.

Events, Contests and Activities

We may organize events, contests and activities to offer our visitors higher degree of involvement and participation. These will be subject to terms and condition. The collected information will help us in organizing the above.

Employment& Business

Any information provided to us to seek employment or offer a business proposal through our website, will be considered confidential.


Third party advertising service providers may be used to display ads on our site. These parties may use collected information to display ads of relevance to our visitors.

External Site Links

At times we may offer links to third party sites for references, promotions and offers. We are not responsible for privacy policy and usage guidelines of these external websites.

Sharing of Personal Information

We may share the personal information with group companies, affiliates, business partners and third parties where necessary to offer products, better service and experience to our visitors.

Transfer of Personal Information or Data.

In case of the merger or buyout of the company the personal data and information will be passed on. Shared or sold to the new entity taking over the company.

Security and Precaution

We will use appropriate security procedures and precautions against all known and new threats to safeguard the personal information collected and ensure a safe experience and secure transactions to visitors to our site.

Choice to Unsubscribe

We offer all our users the right to unsubscribe and not receive promotional, marketing-related or any other non essential communication from us.

Change in Privacy Policy

We reserve and retain to make changes in this policy without any prior information. In case of any significant changes, our users will be communicated through their preferred mode and through notices on the site.

Comments and Feedback

We welcome all comments and feedback on this policy. Please email at

Our Rights

We have the right to refuse sale of products to a person if we do believe that he or she has the intention to resell the product and to act against the brand and the company.


Use of this website will be deemed as acceptance of this privacy policy.