Inatur Herbals, Orchid & Lily Nourishing Hand wash Review

By Rahul Gupta April 04, 2019 0 comments

Hello friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying this cold season to the hilt 😊  Today, I am here to talk about a 95% organic nourishing hand wash blended with orchid and lily floral fragrance, from the house of Inatur Herbals. Keep reading to know more!

Product Description:

A nourishing hand wash that leaves your hands incredibly soft with its luxurious lather and delicate floral fragrance.

Direction to use: Take a nickel size liquid on wet hands, rub back & forth to create a rich lather and rinse off with clean water.


Packaging: The product comes in a cylindrical shaped see-through bottle with a pump dispenser mechanism. The packaging is travel-friendly if you shut it in a right manner. Overall, the entire packaging is an eye-candy 😍


Texture: The hand wash is of beautiful pale orange colour and has a gel consistency. The texture is quite smooth and foamy. It has a refreshing and delicate floral fragrance which lifts your mood instantly.

My experience with Inatur Herbals, Orchid & Lily Hand wash:

Inatur Herbals, a complete natural brand who believes in bringing the beauty of nature to everyone in the best possible way i.e. by combining the best of Nature & Science.

Being an active homemaker, I needed a good handwash which could reduce my hand’s dryness issue, especially during winters. Inatur Herbals team was very kind enough to send me this handwash along with a nourishing hands cream (review on it will be up soon) to combat the winter woes, how thoughtful!! I received this product in the early December and since then I had been using it continuously.

Last month, I had travelled with this handwash to my in-law’s place and noticed there was no leakage as I had sealed the product properly in the right way. So if you are travelling with this product, make sure you shut it firmly. This particular bottle is of 300ml which would last me a long time for sure. Since you require to use a very little quantity every time for washing hands, even a 100ml bottle would last you long.

The floral scent of this handwash makes you go crazy, literally! Every time I used to wash my hands, it would leave a beautiful fragrance around me. I didn’t know Orchids and lily smell so good!

The smooth gel texture allows the handwash to create a rich foam and one pump is sufficient for this purpose. As directed, I took a nickel size liquid in my wet hands and rubbed until a rich lather formed, followed by washing hands with clean water.

Both my in-laws and I were highly impressed specifically with its effectiveness. Even after cooking or touching a strong-smelled food, this hand wash cleansed the hands without leaving any rich smell behind. A major plus for me :D Post usage, it neither irritated nor had dried out my hands; rather made them soft, clean and nourished. Although, I would advise to my dry skin beauties to apply moisturiser or any nourishing hands cream afterwards. Since I had to leave for Hong Kong, I left this handwash for my MIL, who is currently using it in India and is really happy with it 😊

Plus Points:

  • An Organic Hand wash
  • True to its claim
  • Nourishes hands and kills away germs
  • Leaves hands clean, soft, and refreshing
  • Cleanses hands perfectly without drying them
  • Wonderful scent
  • Travel friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • No SLS or SL
  • Vegan
  • Made in India product


Minus Points:

  • Availability is an issue at some places, you can buy from here
  • Some may find it expensive


Honestly, I had a little hope from this handwash, reasons were my past experiences with different harsh handwashes from top notch brands. However, this handwash totally lived up to my expectations, it is true to its claim of nourishing hands with its active ingredients.

If you are like me who believes that one should not compromise with healthcare and hygiene-related products, then do give this handwash a shot. Simply put, this is a perfect handwash to include in our lifestyle and can be used in every season.


Have You Ever Used Inatur Herbals Orchid & Lily Handwash Yet? If Yes, Please Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below.

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