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FAQ - Body Mist

By Rahul Gupta December 16, 2020

What is Body Mist?

A Body Mist is a lighter, less concentrated version of eau de parfum. Body mist can be both alcoholic or water based. It helps to hydrate the skin and leaves one feeling fresh for the day ahead.

How Inatur Body Mist is different from other Body Mist?

Inatur Body Mist is alcohol-Free and 100% aqueous base body mist. Inatur Body Mist are made with a blend of pure essential oils. They do not contain any synthetic or harsh chemicals and are completely safe to use even on sensitive skin.

Why one should use a Body Mist?

If you are somebody looking for a long-lasting fragrance from the moment you step out from a morning shower, then body mist is a staple for your fragrance wardrobe. The mist has to be applied directly to the skin.

How many ways one can use a Body Mist?

  • Body mist can be used after a bath or a long shower to stay at home.
  • Is great to be used in summer during this sweating days
  • After workout and sports, take a shower and apply it for refreshens
  • Splash some body mist on a hot bad tub for a great relaxing time
  • Spray it on the Pillowcases & Bedsheet
  • Use to refresh your wardrobe

Is Body Mist Strong?

Normally Body Mist is lighter than perfume. The idea is to have something that is indicated who are looking to smell nice. They can be reapplied after 2-3 hours.

How many variants of Body Mist does Inatur have? 

Essence De Shalimar Body Mist-Inspired from Patchouly and Cedarwood essential oils, alcohol-free, and 100% aqueous base body mist with a spicy, woody note.

Geranium Rose Body Mist - Inspired by Rose Centifolia and Geranium essential oils, with a floral, soft, comforting, and passionate fragrance.

Lavender Body Mist -Inspired by Lavender essential oil. The fragrance stimulates and detoxifies the mind as well as the body.

White Flower Body Mist - Inspired by a bouquet of white flowers Mogra, Champa, Jasmine, Chameli, and Rajnigandha. It has a gentle, sensual, euphoric, and uplifting fragrance.

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