5 Essential Oils That You Can Use As Natural Perfumes

By Rahul Gupta December 16, 2020 0 comments

Essential oils based fragrances have been used extensively for well being since the beginning of civilization. All essential oils have their own unique fragrance and express a certain character. Essential oils can be spicy, floral, woody, or fruity.

With the artificial fragrances and junk perfumes olfactory system gets toxified.
Natural fragrances smell of a particular note and are pure. Its somewhat like our
eating habits when we move from junk food to holistic food. In the same manner
essential oils give us a holistic experience.

To think of it, Essential Oils were the Real & Original Perfumes for centuries. With time as commercialisation and trade grew, synthetic ingredients came into play and Essential Oils were reduced to being a miniscule percentage in a bottled fragrance.

Off late the realisation that the nature holds the best for us be it food, beauty or
health care. This applied to fragrances also. I would highly recommend using pure essential oils as perfumes.

The following are the essential oils one can use as natural perfumes

1) Neroli :- Neroli essential oil is a soothing yet stimulating fragrance. It has a sweet citrus note.

2) Lavender :- Lavender Essential Oil is an amazing fragrance for calming mind. This fragrance is verypleasing and works as an antidepressant too.

3) Ylang-ylang :- Ylang-ylang essential oil is a pleasing Aphrodisiac fragrance. It is a stimulating fragrance and enhances sexual chakras.

4) Rose :- Rose essential oil (rose damask & rose centifolia) is an uplifting and a stimulating fragrance.It has a floral note.

5) Sandalwood :- Sandalwood essential oil has elevating yet grounding fragrance. It is warm and helps in meditation and opening of third eye chakra.

Wishing you Fragrant Bliss,
Much Love
Pooja Nagdev

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