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Don't spoil your skin by these mistakes in winters

By Rahul Gupta February 01, 2021

Hey everyone, winters are here and there is a lot of do’s and don’t when it comes to skin and hair care. Don’t let chilling temperatures get in the way of great skin, hair and scalp.

Following are some small silly mistakes that we do repeatedly and all we need to do is to avoid them.

Mummy says Oil your hair;

Please do not over oil your hair in winters. Oil attracts a lot of dust and eventually the settled dust weighs down the hair, leading to dandruff and hair breakage. Please remember with oiling excess is bad. Oiling once in a week is good enough.

Isn’t hot water bath so tempting;

Well the same doesn’t apply to skin and scalp. Always use luke warm water to take bath and never forget to apply a conditioner every time you shampoo. A five minutes self body massage before getting into the shower works wonders. First the oil on our body doesn’t let water get in touch with our skin directly as it slips away and second it is definitely moisturising.

Leaving the Sunscreen behind, are we?

We love the sun most in winters and love being outdoors, going out for open brunches and flea markets so applying a physical sunscreen that uses minerals titanium dioxide is essential at all times. Please never leave home without applying a good sunscreen and apply repeatedly.

A Winter Make Up Tip that’s so cool

During winters go with foundations cum moisturiser with an SPF. Do avoid using Matt make up. Matt make up products have more binders and lack oils and emulsifiers and therefore leave our skin dry and flaky.

Forgetting Supplements;

Another common mistake we all make is not taking supplements during winters. Taking health supplements that increase our body’s immunity to fight diseases is utmost essential.

Taking Care of Face & Lips;

Not using facial oils, facial oils are for everyone above 25 yrs of age and taking care of lips is also very important. Carry a good lip balm and use it every time the lips feel dry. Our nails also get dry during winters so its best not to ignore them and apply nail cuticle oil once in a week.

Avoid Exfoliators;

Please do not exfoliate a lot in winters. These exfoliators are usually harsh and leave skin dry and open pores. Every time you exfoliate remember to moisturise to close pores.

Body Butters are for All Skin Types;

Body butters are for everyone, sometimes people carry an assumption that people with oily skin do not need body butter. We all need body butters and there are butters available for all skin types. Mango butter is rich source of Vitamin C and is very good for oily skin. In terms with emollient content butter go like this first being lightest mango butter, avocado butter, almond butter, olive butter, shea butter and lastly argan butter.

Keep Hydrated;

Lastly not drinking enough water is common mistake we all do. Our body requires same amount of water minimally as in summers so remind yourself to drink enough water everyday. Its winters time stay protected, hydrated and enjoy the cold weather.

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