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Winter care tips for Skin and Hair

By Rahul Gupta November 21, 2019

Winter season is associated with festivities, holidays, weddings and season's greetings.With the winter chilling setting in its time to bundle up. We are covering ourselves in layers of clothing and should ensure that body’s outermost layer is not ignored. Our skin needs more emollients during winter season. Here are the following points that we need to keep in account as we go into winter and adjust our rituals concerning our skin and hair.
1. Drink lots of water. It is important for hydrating your skin and internal organs. Its important to carry a bottle of purified bottle with you for convenience.
2.Mist your skin regularly with Rose or Jasmine hydrosol to keep your senses refreshed.
3. Moisturise your skin and hair more frequently. Keep handy a good moisturiser for face and body and a good leave in hair conditioner or hair serum..
4.Never forget a sunblock. During winters we enjoy being outdoors and under sun more. During peak hours 11am-2pm wear a sunblock and carry a hat with you..
5. During winters physical activities are important. They help in increasing the blood circulation and opens clogged pores. Our muscles tend to become sore and inflamed during winters so physical activity is very beneficial.
6. Winters are also a season for cold and flu. Make your own decongestant with eucalyptus oil that help to decongest.
7.Avoid using very hot water as very hot water leads to dehydration and premature ageing.
8.Love those hair mask that you have been storing inside your cupboard. Now is the time to take them out. Condition every time you shampoo and always use a sulphate free shampoo.
9. Love the facials and face massages. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise and get them done now.
10.Take steam often. It is good to steam your hair and body after an oil massage. It helps in deep penetration of the oils and emollient.
11. Lastly listen to your skin and body. Our body gives us signals. Even those who have an oily skin they will need a moisturiser at this time of year.

These simple natural tips will help your skin and hair and take you towards natural health and beauty.

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