The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil

By Rahul Gupta November 21, 2019 0 comments

Rosehip oil is high in both linoleic and linolenic fatty acid. It is known to
regeneration and repair skin tissues. It is especially beneficial in the
treatment of damaged skin tissues including scars and burns. It improves
the texture of dry and wrinkled skin. The consistency of the oil makes it an
excellent facial oil. It is cold pressed and extracted from the seeds of the
rose bush
The vitamins present in the oil serve as antioxidants that help fight the free
Once you have invested in the product, there are numerous ways it
can used. The following are The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil?
1. Fights Acne
Acne is an indication of undernourished and un cared skin.
Rosehip oil contains powerful nutrients that fortify the skin with
essential nutrients and improve its health. Undernourished skin
also tends to secrete excess oil, which can lead to acne. Rosehip oil
prevents this. It also helps unclog pores (rosehip oil is non-
comedogenic) and prevent pimples.
2. Anti Aging
Rose hip oil contains vitamins A and C that stimulate collagen
production and offer anti-aging benefits. They reduce wrinkles and
fine lines. It is also known to fade dark spots.
3. Lightens Skin
Rosehip oil helps to lighten your skin tone. Since it is particularly
beneficial to treat dark spots, it can help improve your complexion.
The astringent properties of the oil tighten your pores and also help
brighten your skin.
4. Heals Burns And Bruises
Thanks to the regenerating and antioxidant effects of rosehip oil,
you can accelerate the recovery of burns and bruises. And the

presence of essential fatty acids can prevent scarring as well. The
application of rosehip oil accelerates wound healing process.

5 Heals Dry And Cracked Lips
Rosehip oil can also be used to lighten the discoloration of the lips.
It also protects them from sunburns. One can also apply rosehip oil
as a lip balm – this helps treat flaky lips.
6. Enhances Eyelashes
Rosehip oil can be applied around eyes and eye lids. Regular usage
brevents breakage and leads to thickening of eyelashes.
7. Heals Stretch Marks
Rosehip oil is light, noncomedogenic and softens and moisturizes
the epidermis. It protects against stretch marks.
8. Strengthens Nails
Rosehip oil can strengthen your nails and protect them from
breakage. The fatty acids take care of this. Massage the oil into
your nails once a week.
9. Promotes Hair Growth
Rosehip oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, it can
repair the damaged hair follicles and scalp tissues – and this
promotes healthy hair growth.
The oil also moisturizes your hair and prevents dryness and

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