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I got to try the latest launch at Inatur, the Himalayan Salt and Sugar Scrub. Inatur is one brand which creates products with natural ingredients with the motive of nourishing the skin and keeping it all natural.


This newly launched Himalayan Salt & Sugar Scrub comes in a cute little orange tub which has some specifications mentioned on the back side.

The scrub is enriched with the combination of orange and bergamot extracts that deeply cleanses and purifies the skin resulting in a healthy and smooth even tone. The active herbs of this scrub are – Orange (nourishes and energizes skin), Bergamor (antiseptic and astringent), Pink salt (relaxes skin), Sugar (exfoliates and hydrates skin)& Shea Butter (heels and moisturises skin).

This scrub is claimed to be for all skin types but I would suggest this for dry to normal skin specifically, however oily skin beauties can work with this too. It’s a scrub suitable for the body and the face at the same time.


A great point of appreciation is that Inatur products are Paraben free, sulphate free and are not tested on animals.

In order to use this, apply a sufficient amount on the entire body or face and massage in circular motion to allow the granules to remove the dead skin cells and do its job and then rinse off with cold water.


The scrub is made of microcrystalline wax formulated with tiny granules which exfoliates the skin, and the beads are neither too abrasive that it hurts when you rub it against your skin nor too subtle that you hardly realise that  there’s anything at all, which is why it is suitable for the body and the face as well.

The scrub is gentle enough to be used every single day, however if you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend that you use it only twice to thrice a week and don’t go too crazy on the rubbing part. Exfoliating sensitive skin too often can irritate the skin and lead to allergies and redness.

I have used this for a few weeks now and I did not find any noticeable difference on how glowy my skin looked, but the scrub has a conditioning effect in a way that it leaves behind an extremely smooth, fresh, polished and hydrating effect on the skin and my skin didn’t feel dried out after every time I used it.

It also cleanses the skin quite nicely. If you have very persistent blackheads, you might not feel an observable difference in them, but if you have very little blackheads (like I have), or blocked pores due to excessive sebum build up, this will remove them well. Also, this smells divine. The smell has a rich top note of orange which is very zesty, fresh and yet sweet.


The price of the Himalayan Salt and Sugar Scrub is INR 540/- for a product size of 100 gm which is slightly on an expensive parameter but considering the lavish experience with the scrub, the price can be forgone.

Do you exfoliate your skin every day?

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