Benefits of Beard Oil

By Rahul Gupta January 30, 2020 0 comments

Beard oil or a beard maintenance oil is not just for styling and grooming of beard but it also ensures a healthy skin underneath as a moisturizer as it goes into the epidermis and prevents hair from growing brittle, especially in cold weather. For men, if they have to invest in one good product it will be beard oil. It is also a natural cologne as all beard oils mostly carry a woody and masculine fragrance. A beard oil brings in a huge difference to a beard where you have forgotten to shave due to laziness to a beard that groomed, smells great and everyone adores. If you are still wondering if beard oil is meant for you or not here are some benefits of using beard oil.

1) Nourishes Dry and Itchy skin

For those who have recently started to grow a beard and one feels that skin below is getting very dry and there is inconstant urge to itch. Here in this situation, a beard oil comes to rescue. Beard oil will not only control the itching but also tame the beard. Beard hair follicles are nested in sebaceous glands - glands which produce an oil (sebum) which covers the follicle. As you start to grow your beard, and it starts to get longer, the amount of sebum produced is not enough to coat the follicle and keep the skin above it moisturized. This causes dryness and itching.Beard oil enters as a savior to nourish and coat the hair follicles, moisturizing the skin beneath the beard, and providing much-needed relief to calm that itch.

  1. Styling and Grooming

No wants a beard that is unkept, dry and flaky. the other styling products that are available carry a lot of chemicals such as parabens, phthalates (DMP, DBP or DEP), formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals (Benzylhemiformal, Diazolidine urea, DMDM hydantoin, Imidazolidine urea, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, Quaternium-15 among others.  Herewith the beard oil we have one product which is 100%pure carrier oil blended with pure essential oils. It styles and tames your beard without any harmful effect.

  1. Eliminates Dandruff

Beard dandruff is popularly known as beard ruff, happens with itching and beard white flecks of dandruff fall on your shirt. with beard oil, the skin beneath your beard will be well-nourished and moisturized so there will be no scope of dandruff.

  1. Evens the outlook of beard

Beard sometimes look patchy and uneven as there is growth in some areas and no growth is some areas. The primary reason bald spots occur is because if the skin above where the beard grows is not healthy and is inflicted with a skin condition, hair follicles beneath have a hard time growing and thriving.Beard oil is made with ingredients that are known to have healing and medicinal properties. The oil can moisturize facial skin and penetrate deep to alleviate symptoms that prevent hair follicles from flourishing, such as itchiness, dryness, dandruff and more. By going to the root of the problem, beard oil promotes healing within the hair follicles which ultimately leads to a healthier, less patchy growth and a fuller beard.

  1. Natural Cologne

Once you have applied a good beard oil there is an amazing upliftment one feels due to the natural fragrance of oils.

Having your man-mane smell amazing is one factor you might perhaps overlook when it comes to using beard oil - as compared to the many other benefits beard oil offers.Unlike harsh colognes and alcohol-infused perfumes that can irritate the skin especially face so the pure oils of musk, amber and patchouli work well.

  1. Good for Acne and Sensitive skin

The main reason acne occurs is because the hair follicle gets clogged, causing blocked pores and inflammation. Beard oil goes deep in the hair follicle and helps clear blockages responsible for causing acne eruptions. You might think that since beard oil has an oily base it might perhaps trigger your acne and make it worse. In reality, beard oil will only cleanse, moisturize and sustain the skin beneath your beard, as it does not interfere with sebum production and does not clog up pores - reasons why acne occurs in the first place. In fact, the carrier oil and essential oils in beard oil have excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory healing properties which further help to clear out infections and control redness and inflammation.  Coating the hair shaft with enriching oil will prevent breakage and eliminate dryness - the number one culprit for itchy, sensitive skin. Beard oil is  most nourishing product you can add to your beard care .

  1. Saves time and Money

Imagine if one has to shave daily how much time and money will be going into products and on the other hand, beard requires minimal maintenance, and does not need monthly replacement kits. Initially, you might need to invest in a beard trimmer and need to shave your neck and cheeks occasionally, but that's nothing compared to the cost in time and money demanded by regular, everyday shaving.

When applying beard oil, more important than when you apply it, is how you apply it. One thing you must ensure is that your beard is lightly coated in oil from the root to the tip. One needs to apply a few drops also depending upon the length of yor beard. If one is applying the oil in the morning, right after a shower, do make sure to towel-dry your beard keeping it slightly damp allowing the hair follicles to absorb more of the oil.

Start by taking a few drops of beard oil in your cupped palm. Rub the beard oil distributing it evenly in your palm and work your way down from the roots to the end of your beard strands. Gently, massage the skin beneath your beard and work for your hand in a downward motion from your cheeks to your chin. For longer beards take a beard comb and gently comb your beard to spread the oil so that it can get to hard to reach places that you might've missed. This should be repeated daily.

 The following points sum up all of the above -

  • Beard oil is one product to nourish, moisturize and maintain your beard and facial skin. Its a Must Have for Men.
  • Pure and natural beard oil contain carrier oils such as Argan oil , Marula oil, Monoi oil , Vitamin E and essential oils.
  • One must use beard oil daily to moisturize, eliminate split ends, protect from the elements, control acne, itching and dandruff.
  • A well-groomed and styled beard feels and smells great.
  • One should always buy a beard oil that is 100% pure, GMO-Free and does not contain artificial ingredients. 

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