Bath Salt

By Rahul Gupta January 29, 2020 0 comments

Cleanliness is next to Godliness could have its roots in number of world cultures and rituals. An Epsom Salt or Bath Salts is one of the most effective pain relievers. It also greatly reduces stress and can ward off flu and colds if taken just at the onset of symptoms.These salts are inexpensive and can be obtained from the local pharmacists. The salts alleviate the pain by promoting perspiration and drawing acidic wastes (mainly uric acid) from muscles, joints through the pores of the skin. It is also called as magnesium sulfate, epsom salt,  sea salt or bath salt. Bath saltsgets easily dissolved in warm water as much as 500g in a bath. Relax for atleast 15 minutes in bath for optimum results but do not use soap as it interferes with the action of salts. Regular use of the same has shown a decrease in fine lines by plumping the skin and balancing the moisture levels.

Bath Salts help in maintaining body balance and overall wellness. They are good amount of magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium and minerals present in the bath salts. The minerals are essential for enhancing skin health, fighting off skin issues and at the same time improves the skin's natural protective barrier. The coarse crystals help to exfoliate the skin to reveal fresher skin. Sea salt improves the circulation by stimulating and lifting off dead skin cells. Bath Salt is also known for its ability to fight off aging.

Below are the few benefits of bath salts :
  • Health benefits It helps it muscle pain, stiff and aching joints, arthritis, skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Skin Detox & Balancing. Their anti-inflammatory properties balance the production of oil in the skin while keeping its layers properly hydrated and thus helps in irritations.
  • Natural Exfoliator- They gently remove dead skin in order to achieve smoother and moisturized skin.
  • Relaxer Bath Salts are perfect for relaxing bath soak. Immersing in bath salt can restore the skin's protective barrier that ensures the skin to stay moisturized.
  • Antifungal scalp treatment.- Bath salt rinse  can help in getting rid of dandruff and also prevents fungal growth.
  • Toning Effect- Bath Salts helps to prevent bacteria that causes acne as they help in cleaning pores deeply while balancing the production of oil.

There is a word of caution tough for those who have high blood pressure or heart condition. They should consult a doctor before using. Elderly people should use 225g to start with and gradually increase as bath becomes well tolerated. Essential oils based on the skin and heath condition can also be added to bath salts and subsequently added to bath for best results. A hot tub with Bath Salts can transform us to pure, energized and stunning creatures leaving a profound effect on how we feel inside and out.

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