Glossary Image
  • Herb Name:Shikakai
  • Botanical Name:Acacia Concinna
  • English Name:Soap Pod

Associated Benefits:

Shikakai is packed with benefits especially for the hair and its literal meaning is ‘fruit for hair’. It is famous as the best herbal shampoo to treat dandruff and hair loss. It is used as a hair cleanser, which promotes hair growth and makes them more healthy and shiny. There is considerably low pH found in Shikakai, which means that when used as a shampoo, it will not leave the hair without its natural oils. It is an excellent natural conditioner and detangles the hair without any side effects. It is to be noted that Shikakai works wonderfully alone as well as with other natural ingredients such as Reetha & Amla.

Side Effects: Mostly safe. However, avoid during pregnancy.

Ideal for: All hair types.