Glossary Image
  • Herb Name:Hibiscus
  • Botanical Name:Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
  • Indian Name:Gudhal

Associated Benefits:

In Ayurveda, hibiscus is known as one of the best secrets to beautiful and healthy hair. It promotes hair growth, prevents hair-fall, gives hair a healthy luster with bounce and delays premature greying. Coconut oil, boiled with hibiscus flowers, curry leaves and gooseberry, is an age old recipe for lustrous long tresses. Hibiscus contains extracts that detangles hair and its petals ca be used as a natural hair dye or hair strengthening treatment to prevent strands from breaking.

Side Effects: People with low blood pressure should not take hibiscus extracts. It also affects concentration, so should not be used while driving. Should be avoided while taking anti-cancer drugs.

Ideal for: All hair types .