Glossary Image
  • Herb Name:Bhringraj
  • Botanical Name:Eclipta Alba
  • English Name:False Daisy

Associated Benefits:

Bhringraj is the main herb for hair care in Ayurveda. The word means ‘ruler of the hair’ and it is considered as a rejuvenator (rasayana). It is also a natural conditioner and a cooling agent for hair. Its powdered form has been used since long to prevent hair loss and discoloration and to encourage hair growth and improve the overall hair health. When applied on the hair with coconut oil, it gives shine, health and strength to it and also relieves of headache. Also, massaging the scalp with Bhringraj oil is sometimes used to improve sleep and alleviate stress and is said the increase the feeling of calmness.

Side Effects: None

Ideal for: All hair and skin types.

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