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  • Herb Name:Amla
  • Botanical Name:Phyllanthus Emblica

Associated Benefits:

Amla is regarded as a sacred tree in India. It has been considered to be the best medicine to prevent ageing, it is also a strong rejuvenator believed to be the richest natural source of Vitamin ‘C’. It is packed with nutrients and can actually help you live a longer and healthier life. Amla powder and oils are used traditionally in Ayurvedic applications for the treatment of scalp, to cure hair loss, promote hair growth and when used with Henna powder, it helps in enhancing the natural hair color. Amla is known to have medicinal properties and it has the ability to make hair thick, healthy, long and shiny.

Side Effects: It does have any known side effects. However, pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult their doctors before in-taking it.

Ideal for: All hair and skin types .