Inatur Kumkumadi Tailam Facial Oil - Honest Customer Review

By Rahul Gupta September 01, 2019 0 comments

Hi Gorgeous Girls,

How much ever I enjoy the summer season (only for pool parties), I completely despise the sweaty, sultry weather for spoiling my skin. As I have oily skin, the summer season can be a big-time spoiler for my skin- zits, pimples, breakouts become a forever friend and make my face their home. And then starts my tons of home remedies to remove the pimples, pimple marks and try everything possible to make my skin flawless. Unfortunately, nothing worked on the long run and I had decided to consult a dermatologist.
Like an angel sent from the heaven, one of my friends suggested me to use a product about which I would be going to rave in this review :) I was skeptical to try the product, but trust me, girls, it worked like magic and made my skin much better than how it was. The wonderful product is an Ayurvedic face oil from Inatur known as Kumkumadi Thailam.


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Quantity: 12 ml

My Experience with INATUR Kumkumadi Thailam Face oil?

Packaging: I like the cute look of the box in which the face oil bottle charms. The glass bottle with a dispenser dropper gives an elegant and classy look. Even the dropper is made of glass, so I had to be extra cautious in handling it, especially during my travels. Overall I felt the packaging cute and luxurious.

Benefits: If I start about the benefits of the face oil, I guess I can go on the whole day. This is because the Kumkumadi Thailam face oil is filled with goodness and I would call it a magic oil. For my oily skin, it helped in controlling acne (best benefit), removed my dark circles, and cleared blemishes. Basically, it makes your skin look flawless and makes it healthy and young. Apart from this the face oil even fights pigmentation and I feel it gradually improves the oily and combination skin texture.

Aroma: Being an Ayurvedic oil, I thought it would have a strong smell, but luckily the INATUR face oil has a delicate fragrance. I like the soothing, fragrance which is due to the blend of essential oils present in the face oil. So, if you are a person who loves the mild smell, this face oil would soon become your favorite.

Texture: I was worried that the texture of INATUR Kumkumadi Thailam Face oil, would be greasy, but instead it turned smooth and runny. It comes in pale yellowish color and just 3-4 drops do wonders to my skin. I find it a fast-absorbing face oil, which has helped in reducing my pimples and removing my pimple marks and scars.


Formula: This magic facial oil is formulated with natural herbs such as Sandalwood, Berberis, Licorice, Manjistha, Nyagrodha, Kamala, Keshara, Agnimantha, Turmeric extract and natural oils such as Rose Oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil, Madhuca and of course the Saffron oil. All the mentioned ingredients would suit all type skin, especially women with combination to oily skin.
Saffron oil gives a natural glow and has anti-bacterial properties that cure pimples, zits, and breakouts. Sesame oil is known as the queen of oils as it removes the toxins from the skin and fades away dark circles and pimples. Also, turmeric and sandalwood control the blemishes and lightens the spots. Each amazing ingredient in this oil has its own benefit which aids in treating all skin related issues and makes the skin youthful and healthy. The other great things worth mentioning about this product is that it nourishes and adds a radiance to my skin (in love with the product).

My Perspective:
I would strongly recommend ladies who have acne prone skin or are looking for under eye treatment. My experience with this product has been spectacular and I love that it has made my skin soft, clear and I guess it is due to regular use of this face oil that has given my skin a natural glow. I might even use this during the winter months to fight dryness.

As mentioned, I have an oily skin, so I try my best to keep my skin clean and dry. After a gentle face wash in the morning, I take 3-4 drops of the face oil and directly apply it over my face. I go for a light face massage and it easily blends with my skin texture. I don’t find it heavy or greasy on my skin, which proves that it is a lightweight face oil. Also as it helps in removing the dark circles, I even apply this as an under eye night cream and could notice remarkable changes.


What I liked:
1. It is Ayurvedic face oil.
2. The face oil has a mild, relaxing smell.
3. The consistency of the oil is runny and lightweight
4. Has fast-absorbing property.
5. With regular usage, it removes pimple scars, blemishes, pigmentation.
6. It can even be used as an under-eye cream to remove dark circles.
7. Perfect face oil for all skin types.
8. The ingredients are natural and free of chemicals, hence, the oil is gentle on the skin.

I am sure many of you would be doubtful to try a face oil over oily skin, but trust me the face oil is a wonder and would turn your skin magical. The oil will keep your acne worries at bay and even vanish your acne scars, pigmentation, blemishes. The radiant glow will make you fall in love with your skin. So girls, say bye bye to your skin problems with this wonder face oil from INATUR.


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