Fathers Day

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June is a special month as we celebrate Father Day. Dad is the most important pillar in our lives and has an important role to play in building our character. Every girl yearns to have a partner like her dad. To us, our dad is our Hero. Just like he never compromised on anything for our care we should also, give our Dad the best of care. Natural care is the best caring gift that one can gift to Dad on this special day.

The Ninja Dad

The Ninja Dad is always up for an activity, may it be jogging, cycling, driving, or playing football. These dads are an energy ball and their skin is the most exposed to the natural elements. 

Family Sunscreen SPF 25 - sun protection sunscreen can be used by entire family {safe for kids too} with a cream base that protects with advanced broad spectrum. With the goodness of Aloe vera which helps in giving a hydrating effect.

Men’s Charcoal Face Mask -

Men’s Charcoal Mask is a deep cleansing and purifying mask that helps to detoxify and purify the skin. It gently removes all the skin impurities and is especially beneficial for the removal of tan from the skin.


The Boss Dad

The Boss Dad is a busy man, disciplined, punctual and for him, everything revolves around accountability.  These dads are no-nonsense, and they look for convenience and quality when it comes to their techy gadgets and even their skincare needs. They balance family life with early morning workouts and late-night meetings, a few dark circles around his eyes are just a normal part of life.

Argan Hair Cream-

Argan oil hair cream is 100% pure organic argan oil along with other herbs and plant extracts. It styles dry and frizzy, making them soft, manageable, and strengthened.

Collagen Under eye cream

Inatur Collagen under Eye Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that delivers hydration for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. It contains a highly purified fraction of HRGPs glycol peptides obtained from soya that smoothens the surface of the skin and reduces crow's feet wrinkles.

The Caring Dad

He is always there, from matters close to the heart to shopping or some essential. This Dad is always there for you. You can always count on him. He sometimes gets so busy taking care of others that he forgets about himself. He enjoys staying close to home and spending quality time with his family, walking the dog, watching the game, or reading a good book. He is our simple guy so skincare routine for him also has to be simple and targeted.

Monoi Shaving Foam-

Inatur Monoi Oil Shaving Foam is gentle, mild, and sulfate-free. It desensitizes the skin and makes it ready for a shave. It is free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates or other harmful synthetics.  Enriched with Tiara Flower Extracts, Wheat Protein, and essential oils to condition and softens the beard.

Argan Face serum -

Argan Face Serum for Men is specially formulated for gentlemen skin. It helps in Hydrating, Lightening and Brightening skin tone



The Thoughtful Dad


When it comes to choosing a gift or selecting the right product, this dad always does his homework. He is a perfectionist when it comes to deciding for others. So while choosing a regime for him we should also be utmost caring.

Beard oil --

It’s a non-greasy light and excellent for everyday use. Helps in keeping beard soft, shiny, and groomed. It has oils that give antibacterial effect and promote hair growth.

 Collagen Night Cream-

Inatur  Collagen Night Cream is a lightweight and non-greasy formula that replenishes and provides skin with intense hydration and restores moisture for a smooth, firm, and glowing skin with reduced lines, spots, and wrinkles. 


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