Petitgrain (Oil)

Glossary Image
  • Herb Name:Petitgrain (Oil)
  • Botanical Name:Citrus Aurantium

Associated Benefits:

It has a fresh and uplifting aroma and also has aphrodisiac properties. It helps to get rid of acne, pimples and blackheads and controls sebum production for oily skin and flakiness of dry skin while toning it. It has antiseptic and sedative properties (cures insomnia), helps to heal wounds and reduces stress. It can be used for a refreshing bath and as a deodorant. Prevents scalp dryness, oiliness and promotes a healthy scalp free of any infections.

Side Effects: None known so far. Keep away from children and avoid in case of pregnancy, nursing or a medical condition.

Ideal for: Oily skin and scalp conditions..