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Vitamin E Oil- Antioxidant , Healing, Moisturises skin, Prevents Ageing, Prevents Strech Marks, Promotes Hair Growth, Protects from Sun Damage

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Vitamin E Oil is derived from natural ingredients that are a rich source of Vitamin E for example, almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. It can be applied directly to the skin or added to lotions, creams, and gels. Unarguably, Vitamin E is a wonderful skin healing ingredient and a rich source of antioxidants.

Vitamin E Oil is a common ingredient in many skincare and hair care products. Vitamin E tablets are readily available over the counter and one doesn’t need a prescription from the doctor to purchase them.

Vitamin E is beneficial for us for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Some most important benefits of Vitamin E include the following

  1. Moisturizes Skin

Vitamin E is commonly found in moisturizers. Its antioxidant properties help replenish dry and flaking skin with essential moisture.

  1. Healing

Vitamin E tablets and oil consumed internally and externally help with muscle repair.

  1. Reduces Itching

Vitamin E helps to reduce skin itching due to allergic reactions, infections, and eczema. Keeping skin well moisturized may help to prevent dry skin, and prevent symptoms such as itchiness.

  1. Prevents Skin Cancer

Studies have concluded that those who apply sun protection lotion with Vitamin E had no chances of getting skin cancer. Hence it is sometimes said on the label that vitamin E oil and supplements prevent skin cancer.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

Vitamin E is a great moisturizer for our hair too. It brings in a healthy scalp and assists with hair growth. The vitamin's antioxidant properties work on minimizing the environmental stress on hair thereby strengthening hair and promoting growth. Vitamin E can be added to hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and hair serums. 

  1. Treats Eczema

Vitamin E reduces dryness, itching, and flaking or atopic dermatitis. Taking vitamin E supplements orally also works on treating eczema. It is a great choice when one wants to avoid prescription medicines.

  1. Strengthens Nails

Vitamin E Oil prevents yellow and cracked nails. It deeply penetrates and heals dry skin around the nail bed.

  1. Minimizes Scars and Stretch Marks

Vitamin E, applied to the skin, taken as a supplement or both, might treat scars or prevent them from forming in the first place.  It also prevents stretch marks. It is proven that those with well-moisturized skin are less likely to have stretch marks.

  1. Anti-aging

Dry skin tends to look more wrinkled than well-moisturized skin. The moisturizing benefits of vitamin E oil may help the skin look more youthful and less wrinkled.

Claims that Vitamin E prevents or treats wrinkles, however, are unsupported by scientific evidence. The best strategy for preventing wrinkles is to avoid direct sunlight and to wear quality sunscreen.

  1. For Pink Lips

Vitamin E Oil capsules can be cut open and directly applied right on lips. Vitamin E boosts circulation and helps to generate new skin cells, making lips softer.

Here is a word of caution, there can be risks associated with vitamin E use as some of us can have an allergic reaction. Vitamin E can irritate the skin, making skin problems worse. People with a history of allergic reactions should avoid vitamin E or should do a patch test on a small area of skin first before application. A patch test can be done over the knees or elbows.

For even greater benefits, add a few drops of vitamin E oil to lotion, hair oil, or body cream. This enhances the benefits of the product.

Try this marvelous ingredient and add it to your daily regime.

Inatur Vitamin E Oil brings to you the miraculous benefits of Vitamin E
for your Skin & Hair. Vitamin E Oil boosts skin health and youthfulness
by replenishing lipids. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It enhances skin
clarity and softness by keeping it hydrated and nourished. It is effective
in reducing UV-induced damage. Vitamin E helps in the regeneration of skin
cells and helps lighten spots, reduces scars & wrinkles for youthful-looking healthy skin.

Vitamin E is known to support scalp health and maintain hair growth as it
is rich in antioxidants. It enhances the health and strength of follicles with
increased circulation to boost hair growth. Vitamin E keeps hair well
hydrated and nourished preventing hair fall and brittle hair.

Active Ingredients: 

Vitamin E oil, Wheat Germ

 Pack Size:

 Size: 30ml


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