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Essential oils for Weight Loss

By Rahul Gupta March 30, 2020

It is rightly said that if you want to lose weight then exercise more and eat less. So essentially it all goes down to your self-control.

To lose weight in an effective manner it is important to exercise, eat sensibly, and a good massage with essential oils. The massage relieves the tired muscles from work out, eliminates toxins, and makes sure that one doesn’t get stretch marks.

Essential oils penetrate into the epithelial tissue to the gastrointestinal tract. Once absorbed into the surface layer, it quickly penetrates inside our body whereby facilitating digestion and body simulation.

Cellulite is a special concern. It has a variety of causes, from poor circulation to water retention or hormonal issues. It can happen with both men and women.

Some plan of action against Cellulite.

  • Increase blood circulation by skin brushing, brush in upward movements all over the body.
  • Do exercise that works specifically on cellulite areas.
  • Cellulite may show only in certain areas but it’s a whole-body problem. Massage every day not only the affected area but on the whole body.
  • Essential oils in the bath penetrate the skin, oxygen is healthy for a vital body so breath deeply. Breathing exercises help to shift cellulite and their results can be very impressive.
  • Relaxation is needed to allow the body to shift the waste & fat deposits.

Essential Oils to Fight Cellulite and for Weight loss are Rosemary, Patchouli, Lemon, Ginger, Black pepper and Cinnamon Oil

These oils have a warming effect and therefore stimulate blood circulation and melting fat deposition. They are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory.

It also helps in digestion, treats hangovers, congestion, travel sickness, heaviness, stomach aches, and discomfort.

There is only one word of caution that these are not advisable for dry skin. Use them in steam, hot compress, and massage.

To conclude Weight loss brings in positivity and works wonder on our self- esteem. So happy losing weight. For query can be contacted at


Pooja Nagdev

Cosmetologist & Aromatherapist

(Founder & CEO) INATUR


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